What Is VoIP and What Are the Benefits?

The voice over internet protocol is the device or system which helps you in your business communication and transfer all the voice communication from one place to another over the internet connection. Voice over Internet Protocol is getting more popularity with organizations of all the sizes. There are many reasons which are fact that it simplifies and streamlines a huge range of business applications. It is also the basis for advanced unified communication applications such as video conferencing that have the potential to transform businesses.

Voice over internet protocol give access to the users to send telephone voice data across an IP data network, whatever that is a flat rate broadband Internet connection or a business owner of private managed network so this is the advantage over broadband of better security and voice quality control.

The Components of a Voice over internet protocol Solution

There are a large number of components for a voip solution. The ones you choose and the capabilities is of your choices because it will depend on what is your current and future needs are.

Soft Phone

A soft phone allows your electronics to function as handsets it means that you can send and receive calls through your corporate network on your laptop and other mobile devices that do not have traditional handsets. You can also use the soft phone feature to participate in phone and video conferences, pick up voicemails, and check call logs.

Single-Number Reach

This allows the users to be contacted on multiple devices at a time regardless of platform with one number. It helps a user’s corporate identity and personal identity into the same wireless device. This streamlines business by requiring that clients, prospects, and coworkers only remember one number.


it is thing which includes your all audio, video, and Web-based capabilities it can be designed for peer-to-peer communication, room-to-room.

Reporting Analytics and Management

Voice over internet protocol management and analytic tools allow organizations to monitor the system and generate in depth call reports.

Benefits of Voice over internet protocol


The best thing in voice over internet protocol is that there is no hard and fast rule or even not a major installation issue when you implemented a new handset. So when you want to put a connection in ISDN you should have to have an engineer and physical line installed. This thing will reduce the amount of commotion in the office work while even the working is happening. This thing also helps you in growing and expanding your business even if you are think to expand or hire some more staff and employees than don’t get worry because this with cover all the location and the demands of employees as one connection service controls your communication network.

Phone cost

The one more benefit of voice over internet protocol is it reduce the cost of phone bills. Even you can use internet with full speed and unlimited. You can cut down the landline phone calls and long distance phone calls bills.

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